Water Damage & Restoration

Flood Damage Restoration / 24hr Water Removal

When and if the time should ever arise and you find yourself experiencing either a home or business flood water emergency, call on Rockford’s water damage removal professionals 24hrs a day. In most cases a technician will be on-site within one hour. We are certified by the IICRC and recognized as (WRT) Water Restoration Technicians & (CRT) Certified Restoration Technicians able to provide the proper evaluation and practical restorative drying techniques.

24 Hour Emergency Flood Cleanup

Common water intrusions; Plumbing issues, hot-water heater, frozen/busted pipe, Bathtub, sink or washing machine overflow. Construction defects, foundation leaking basement, sump-pump failures, sanitary sewer back-ups, sewage, and toilet back-up. LMN Cleaning Has the team for Water Damage.

The process begins with first responding quickly. When moisture is present, microorganisms can multiply rapidly creating odors, possible structure deterioration as well as pose possible serious health problems for occupants in the home. Water classification or category can change in less than 3 days if not responded to appropriately.

Water damage restoration services:

  • Water Extraction / Water Removal:Truck-mounted Vacuum, submersible pumps, ride-ons
  • Structural Drying: Air-movers, dehumidification, air filtration devices
  • Antimicrobials & Biocides: Sanitizers, disinfectants, and sterilizers
  • Moisture Readings: Both invasive (penetrating) and non-invasive, thermo-hygrometers, thermal-imaging
  • Daily inspection / Monitoring: Reports and documentation of moisture content and drying conditions Insurance consulting and billing


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Once your cleaning is finished, our cleaning professionals will thoroughly inspect what they’ve cleaned, and making sure that everything meets your approval.

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Sofa & Chair $260

Chimney 1 Story $149

Tile Cleaning 300sqf $269

Carpet 3 Rooms $115

Carpet 5 Rooms $179

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