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Air duct cleaning has a number of important benefits for homeowners. Cleaning your ducts regularly will improve the quality of air throughout your home. Dirty air ducts are one of several sources that can bring harmful particles into your home. Your home’s HVAC system helps to maintain indoor air quality by filtering out impurities that are present in the air.

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Over time, however, impurities such as dust, pollen, debris and sometimes harmful pathogens such as mold, begin to accumulate on air duct surfaces. If the air has a high moisture content, fungi and bacteria may also begin to grow. Some of these particles can contain harmful pathogens, which when inhaled, can cause respiratory problems. Ridding the ducts of these pathogens on a regular basis is important as severe health problems can occur if these organisms are allowed to build up.

Regular air duct cleaning has a number of benefits. First, it will prevent mold growth throughout the duct system. Toxic black mold, when present in HVAC ducts, can circulate a harmful enzyme into the air, causing allergies and severe respiratory problems. In addition, duct cleaning can lengthen the system’s operational life. Built-up mold can degrade parts of the HVAC system if left unchecked.

Cleaning can also reduce energy bills as built-up impurities reduce airflow within your HVAC system. Clean ducts mean the system is in good working order, thus increasing HVAC system efficiency.


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